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About us:

Our interiors – at home or work – should reflect your true spirit and choices. While the building is an envelope, the interior is a choice of freedom! Bring the nature inside, adorn the style that you adore, cherish the memories that you love, feel the love and fun, calm your mind and soul and what not. Everything is possible with the right choice of materials and designs. At MODDWELL, we bring to you a wide range of design choices with extensive customisation to give life to your imagination. We unravel the next generation of glasses for a healthy and happy living.

From the house of TPRS Glass, a two decades plus group expertise in architectural glass, MODDWELL is an exclusive house of curated designs and materials. We provide a luxurious range of finely-crafted glass solutions tailored to your interior needs in terms of ease of use, energy efficiency, aesthetics, solar protection, and many more.

Architects and home designers are using glass for interior spaces - offices and homes - to make the interior design bold and creative. The use of interior glass offers a refreshing change of style. Using glass creates open spaces. Open and accessible places have many psychological benefits including enhanced mood levels and calmness. As you can see working with glass lets you be creative and improve the division of space.

As an architect or designer, you understand the importance of finding new ways of creating unique and exciting designs that will be a testament to your expertise for years to come.

Unleash your design capabilities and make your space truly yours!